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Homeowners Options and Rights to Avoid Foreclosure!
July 12, 2021

Ifyou are behind on your mortgage payments or are in foreaberance temporarily below areyour options.

Notification by lender (servicer). Usually the servicer of your loan will notify you 30 days prior in writing that there will be a foreclosure proceedings.

Your servicer initially starts the foreclosure process by recording a NOTICE OF DEFAULT in the county where the property is situated & will send you a copy within 10 days.

Your servicer must give you options to avoid a foreclosure on your home.(Civil Code sections 2923.55,2924.9)

The options will be either to reinstate your loan (bring the delinquent loan balance current in one lump sum) which is very difficult and can be large amount.

The other option is a short sale and you'll get whatever equity you have on the property minus escrow closing expenses.

But, if you want to keep your home, the only way is to negotiate a loan modification with your lender (servicer).

An application is required to start the loan modification and it usually involves to send a complete package for a review.

Once the servicer receives a complete loan modification package they should pause the foreclosure immediately while it's been reviewed for possible modification and restructioning of your loan.

The servicer can NOT foreclose while the homeowner is complying with the terms of approved loan modification terms. (Civil Code sections 2923.6,2924.11)

A three month trial payments process will start upon an approval of the loan modification, in which after that the modification will take the final stage of being permenant.

Now, in case the loan modification was denied the lenderwill initiate the trustee sale and try to sell it in auction.

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